Course Price 

90 euros

 Course length 

Minimum 3 sessions

Join me for 121 coaching.

As a Mindset Coach and Energy Practitioner, I specialise in helping women transform their lives, rebalance their mind and body and feel more confident and energized.

Are you feeling?

  • Burnout and exhausted spinning all the plates and multi-tasking on top of multi-tasking?

  • Is your anxiety on speed dial communicating with you on a daily basis?

  • Has your confidence dropped since you became a mother?

  • Are you feeling homesick and lonely since you moved to a new country?

I work with women all around the world, who are ready to take action and make the commitment to transform their lives.

Together in a nurturing and nourishing space we will…

  • Repair the relationship you have with yourself, carefully and kindly putting you back together again. Turning down the volume on the negative thoughts and blocks standing in your way. 

  • Rebuild your self-belief foundations, giving you the strength and confidence to make delicious lemonade out of those lemons.  Learn to navigate your inner critic and imposter syndrome and dial down that anxiety button.

  • Restore the balance in your life and switch out of survival mode into thriving mode.

Together we create a bespoke strategy and plan that is manageable and works for you.

I transformed my life and I use the ingredients from my own journey within my transformation sessions.

Coaching sessions are online in the comfort of your own home as I believe everyone should have access to coaching no matter where they live. If you live in Munich, I do offer walking and coaching sessions. 

Sessions are 90 euros with a minimum of three sessions in order to support your transformation.

First session is 90 minutes followed by 1 hour sessions.

Mind and body work exercises in between sessions to keep momentum and accountability.

If you are interested to know more, join me for a free 20-minute discovery call.