EFT Tapping


The Wellbeing Trend of 2021, EFT (tapping) is an innovative self-help tool, based on a blend of ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology. 


Suffering from anxiety, stress and overwhelm and looking for clarity, confidence and transformation?  


This simple yet superpower tool, works by tapping on various meridian points on the body while acknowledging how you feel. A bit like acupuncture but without the needles.  Scientific studies show that there is a link between tapping and calming the amygdala in the brain, the part that is responsible for the fight or flight response. By lowering our stress and cortisol levels we boost our immune system, heal from burn out, re-balance our body and mind, sleep better and feel more energised.  

If you think this all looks and sounds a bit woowoo and you are not sure how you feel about it all… I was exactly the same. I am testament to the healing benefits. EFT is one of my favourite techniques, as it is easy to follow and is a gentle process with impressive results.

Please wash your hands before tapping!

A short video on the tapping points is free with your audio meditation!


One to one sessions

If you would like a personalised audio tapping meditation or a one to one online session with me, please do GET IN TOUCH