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Hi I’m Jo Fiddy an EFT Practitioner and I have created a free tapping meditation audio, to help and support anyone who is feeling anxious during self isolation  

The free tapping mediation for self isolation is an audio guided tapping sequence, which you can easily follow at home. You will also receive a short tapping tutorial video, which highlights the exact points within the meridian system to tap on. 


We are living in uncertain times and trying to find and understand our new normal can be overwhelming. There are many benefits to tapping, such as helping with anxiety, stress and overwhelm.  Feeling more calmer and less anxious, is something we could all use at the moment. 


EFT (tapping) is a gentle yet powerful self help tool and for more information head across to my EFT page


Let’s get tapping!

Plug yourself in.

One to one sessions

If you would like a personalised audio tapping meditation or a one to one online session with me, please do get in touch

About Jo Fiddy 

Life and Love Coach, NLP and EFT (tapping) Practitioner who specialises in Energy Healing techniques. Personalised sessions take place online in the comfort of your own home – all you need is wifi and a laptop.

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