Life with a young child in lockdown

Image credit - Kristin Brown - Unsplash

Parenting in a pandemic, was not something anyone could have prepared for. Mothers were not supposed to raise their babies in isolation and without a loving helpful tribe by their side. A recent study showed almost 9 in 10 (87%) parents were more anxious as a result of COVID-19. With parental loneliness rising from 38% to 63%, as more new mums face their first year in lockdown.

It is no surprise that anxiety, overwhelm and parental burnout are on the increase.

You can not put a price tag on prioritising self-care, however if you are not the main financial provider, your self-care might slip under the radar as you put the needs of others before yourself. Just because you are not earning as much as your partner, it does not mean you should make all the sacrifices to the point where you burn out.

We have been living in a high energised state with Covid-19 for a long time now, that is a lot of cortisol being flooding into our system. Numerous multi-tasking on top of multi-tasking and navigating through a pandemic, with inner critic mum guilt close by.

Be mindful of burning out and speaking up to ensure your needs are met. You are an important part of the family and you deserve a night of sleep / a hug / a cry / a thank you / cup of tea in bed / delicious dinner with dishes washed afterwards / whatever you need.

Do remember that all emotions are normal. It is so normal to feel different emotions. It takes nothing away from how much you love your family. You are an incredible parent, living in unprecedented times.

If anxiety is starting to take over, one of my go to techniques is EFT. Simply tap on the meridian points on your body, while saying statements of how you feel out loud. Say it, feel it, let it go.

I have created a free audio EFT meditation, for anyone with a toddler or young family in lockdown, in my new free self help digital toolbox. This was created for those moments when you are pushed to the limit, and you need just 5 minutes time out.

So take those 5 minutes of self-care and plug yourself in.

The tapping meditation was written based on being a mum with a toddler and from talking to friends about how they feel too. I hope it resonates and offers some release and relaxation.

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Much love

Jo x