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Hi I'm Jo Fiddy,

Mindset Coach and Energy Practitioner. 


I specialise in supporting women who are feeling stuck, stressed and burnout.   

Perhaps you are feeling stuck and exhausted or lost your confidence and direction?  Maybe life has lost its shine a little and you want to feel like you again. 


My work is a combination of Life Coaching and NLP alongside Emotional Freedom Techniques and Energy Psychologies.


Through my teachings, I work with the mind and the body, exploring how stress and our emotions have an impact on our overall wellness and mental health. 


Come and say hello and join me for a virtual latte discovery call.  This is a free 20-minute clarity discovery call either on the phone or over Zoom.  I understand how important it is to find someone that you can feel connected and comfortable with.  


Having overcome burnout, anxiety and depression, it was my own personal journey that led me to become a Life Coach. Originally from the UK, I live in Munich and I coach clients from all around the world, as well as running digital supportive workshops.  All sessions take place on Zoom and an optional in-person in Munich. 


We work together exploring the core issues and blocks standing in your way, and create bespoke self-help tools – not to help you just survive day-to-day but to fully thrive, shine and live your best life. From a single supercharged session, through to a monthly life coaching plan, I will be your supportive cheerleader from the sidelines, helping you on your personal journey, so you can focus your energy on thriving. 

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If you haven't experienced the magic of Jo Fiddy's coaching, you're missing out! 


Jo Fiddy has enabled me to move forwards through major life changes and come out feeling lighter, empowered and confident. 


Working with Jo is a nourishing and healing experience. Highly recommend Jo's coaching expertise